Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Just Your Average Geek


Welcome to my blog, "Average Geek Workout Plan"! First, a little about myself... I'm your typical geek, work a normal 8am to 5pm desk job, married, no children. I live in the midwest United States, and live a pretty normal life. In other words, I'm average.

Why are you writing "Average Geek Workout Plan"?

After getting married, my wife and I discovered she is an incredibly good cook. We also found out that the food we were eating wasn't the greatest for us. We both discovered we'd gained a few unwanted pounds, and decided to take action to fix the situation.

I decided to write this blog after looking around a few of the more popular exercise websites and seeing a huge lack of information for normal, average people. The sites I've visited, and been a member of, cater more to the body building types, and not to those of us who are not genetically gifted, and not willing to sacrific our bodies to steroids. A few of those sites even went so far as to belittle those of us who were there asking questions, and weren't already 250 pounds at 6% bodyfat.

I'm also planning on using this blog as a personal training log. I've found it's very helpful to be able to write down ideas and work them through. I'll use this space to do that, and hopefully anyone who stumbles upon this site will benefit from my thought process.

So hopefully you find this site a bit helpful, a bit entertaining, and a bit informative. Thanks for checking in!

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